Scooter going to heaven

Scooter is a fish who is lavender in color. He died in the episode, "Bubble Buddy" (after 'experiencing high tide'). He came back though in later episodes. His catch phrases include "That was awwwwwsome!" and "Duuuuude." He was also seen in the episode "Ripped Pants." He enjoys surfing and participating at the Annual Hotdog Chug at Goo Lagoon. His name was revealed in Party Pooper Pants. He was voiced by Carlos Alazraqui. Scooter later apeared in many episodes but as a bottomite. He was voiced by Clancy Brown in the episode "Wigstruck." In My Pretty Seahorse, he mistook Mystery for a kiddie ride. He also is a cameo in many other episodes.


  • He is voiced by many different people depending on the episode.