The Population Sign for Jellyfish Fields

Jellyfish Fields is the main place where you can Jellyfish. It is revealed that Jellyfish Fields is right next door to Sandy's Treedome. Jellyfish Fields made its first appearance in the episode Tea at the Treedome where the happy camouflaged SpongeBob is trying to catch a purple white jellyfish. Jellyfish Fields returned in the episode Jellyfishing and the place's first main appearance was in the episode Nature Pants.


In Jellyfish Hunter, it's hinted that there are about 4 million jellyfish. SpongeBob and the other jellyfishers have caught 3,999,999 (and let them go), but could not catch one jellyfish they named No Name. When the Jellyfish Race in the Fields was running low, the sign that says Jellyfish Fields now crossed off the word million making the sign look like: Jellyfish Population: 4 when the original sign was Jellyfish Fields: Pop. 4 Million. The 1st main appearance of the entire Jellyfish population was in the episode Jellyfish Hunter.


In SpongeBob's Last Stand the entire place was destroyed by Plankton for building the Shelly Superhighway. Then after the Jellyfish attacked Bikini Bottom then the highway was destroyed by everyone and Jellyfish Fields was restored.



The SpongeBob Stones attract the Jellyfish, & SpongeBob is seen standing behind the stones.


  • In the episode The Pink Purloiner, there was a big Jellyfish migration festival.
  • The Jellyfish Field was also seen in Bossy Boots Music Video.