Squidward and Clarry


The OTHER Clarinet from Christmas Who?

The Clarinet, also known as Clarry, is one of the only friends of Squidward and it lives with Squidward. Squidward affectionately calls it "Clarry" sometimes. He performs frequently with her although it sounds dreadful and affects the people of Bikini Bottom in many ways. He has performed live many times and the critics were not happy with Squidward and his clarinet. On a rare occasion, Squidward plays the clarinet quite well which is great. Squidward’s ancestor, Squidly also has the same clarinet... The only time that Squidward and the clarinet played in a royal audience was in a dream in Sleepy Time, which still ended up bad. The clarinet looks good, although it needs a better player to use its talent effectively.


Clarry often has bad sound and one minor reason why was revealed in the episode: Best Day Ever, where its reed was too old, that even SpongeBob's tooth worked well. Also, Gary played the clarinet in the episode: The Paper. SpongeBob attemped to play the clarinet just as badly as Squidward in Opposite Day. Clarry also first appeared in the episode: Bubblestand.

The Wooden ClarinetEdit

As seen in the Christmas Who? SpongeBob makes a wooden clarinet for Squidward, which on the bottom of it has a button which says "push". Squidward pushes the button and through three holes, three wooden figurines start to come out that look like Squidward with his clarinet, and there is a tune that also sounds with it. On the side of the clarinet there is a carved out name "Squidward". Squidward was honored by this and he showed full respect to SpongeBob for the rest of the episode. It seemed that the clarinet was hard to make because it's handmade in drift wood. It plays Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Destroyed TimesEdit

Clarry has been broken many of times. These episodes were the times when Clarry was broken.

  • Jellyfish Jam: The Jellyfish rip the clarinet in half and dance around it when it's on fire.
  • I Was a Teenage Gary: Squidward's House became destroyed by falling over; the Clarinet was smashed by a painting.
  • Squidtastic Voyage: Squidward swallows the clarinet's reed, and SpongeBob must go inside Squidward's body.
  • Naughty Nautical Neighbors: SpongeBob and Patrick destroy Squidward's House, thus destroying all items in the room, including Clarry.
  • Sleepy Time: Wolfgang Amadeus Tentacles (Squidward in his dream) breaks his clarinet in half because he's angry at SpongeBob talking to the King (this is debatable because it is a dream).
  • Sandy's Rocket: SpongeBob and Patrick shook all over Squidward's House, thus destroying all objects in the house.
  • Best Day Ever: Squidward breaks his reed for an unknown reason.
  • The Two Faces of Squidward: A mob of fans break it into pieces after a fan steals it from Squidward.
  • Sweet and Sour Squid: Plankton befriends Squidward by pretending to like his music skills which are far from good so that he can trick him into revealing the formula. However Plankton soon learns that Squidward doesn't know the formula and is now intending to become a famous musician. Plankton's earplugs come off and so he grabs Squidward's clarinet and runs off with Squidward pursuing him, but however police officers arrest Plankton, because of the music disturbance of the city, that Squidward caused by his poor music skills, and because Plankton is the only one with an instrument. As Plankton is taken away to jail, the clarinet is dropped in the path of the police car wheels and it gets crushed, when the police car drives off, leaving Squidward saddened.


  • In Not Again!, it is revealed that Clarry and Squid have matching pajamas which is weird, considering Clarry is nocturnal(Hide And Then What Happens?[episode]).
  • In The Official Uniform(episode), it is revealed that Clarry can talk.