Bubble Bass
Bubble Bass
Gender: Female
Species: Bass/Fish
Color: Olive green
Profession: Big, fat meanie
Favorite Foods: Krabby Patty and Jellybeans
Voice actor: Dee Bradley Baker
Likes: Annoying SpongeBob, Upsetting people

Bubble Bass is a massive, obese green bass (reason for the name). He is seen in 6 episodes: Pickles, F.U.N., Fools in April, The Krusty Sponge, Moving Bubble Bass, and Plankton's Good Eye. Bubble Bass is one of the toughest food critic/inspectors ever to visit the Krusty Krab. He emotionally nailed SpongeBob by falsely claiming there were no pickles in his Krabby Patty (seen in Pickles) The next two to visit the Krusty Krab who gave some headaches were Health Inspector Yellowtail in Nasty Patty, and Gene Scallop in Krusty Sponge.



Bubble Bass is a fat green bass who wears an orange tank-top and round glasses, his lips and other parts of his body are darker green. He is fat overall also having a big, fat butt. In Pickles and F.U.N he wore the same clothes, but in Fools in April he was grey in color, his glasses were square and he wore different clothes.

Not much is known about Bubble Bass except he despises SpongeBob. In Pickles it seems the two had an old rivalry but it was not revealed in any of Bubble Bass' appearances throughout the show.



  • Bubble Bass was originally going to be a child that went around criticizing The Krusty Krab and was going to take the role of Plankton.
  • He appeared in Season 1 and Season 8.
  • Bubble Bass is potrayed to be a loner who lives off SpongeBob's pain and suffering.
  • Bubble Bass was ran out of town in Pickles when the people found out his claim of no pickles was false due to the pickles being under his tongue. He had also stolen car keys and other items which he hid under his huge tongue.
  • He was seen in Fools in April when SpongeBob collided into his huge butt.
  • He appears in the game Nicktoons Globs of Doom as the 1st boss.
  • Bubble Bass threw Squidward twice like a ball displaying reasonable strength (making his looks deceiving).
  • Plankton landed On Bubble Bass' hand with jellybeans and Bubble Bass' hand starts chasing Plankton, because Bubble Bass thought Plankton was a jelly bean.

In Plankton`s Good Eye Plankton saves Bubble Bass from a burning building,only to be crushed by his huge butt.


  • Not upsetting SpongeBob
  • Not Bothering people
  • Squidward (he threw him twice in Pickles)
  • The Krusty Krab
  • Every person in Bikini Bottom.